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B O O K   O R D E R S

2009 marked fifteen years of small press publishing for The Holloway Press and the publication of our twentieth book. We have decided to offer a one-off 25% discount on all books on our back list still in print. A list of available titles and the new once only discounted price is given below:

To order in print Holloway Press titles please fill out and return the order form with cheque or email Peter Simpson for more details p.simpson@auckland.ac.nz


P r i c e s

page · stone · leaf,  by Dinah Hawken, drawings by John Edgar   $280 until 10 March 2014. From March 11, $350
Always My Sister, by Michelanne Forster   $150.
The Place of Stones, by Martin Edmond   $275
you're so pretty when you're unfaithful to me, by David Howard,   $190.
UNDER NEW STARS: Poems of the New Zealand Exile, by Karl Wolfskeh   $290
Three Travels, by Murray Edmond. Illustrations by Joanna Forsberg   $150
Dark Arts, by Leo Bensemann   $300
the green bicycle, Poems by Chris Price, Drawings by Max Gimblett, Music by Jonathan Besser   $5000
Devonport: A Diary, by Bill Direen   $100
Two Walk in Edinburgh, by Mari Mahr / Gregory O’Brien   $225
Mama Mortality Corridos, by Lisa Samuels   $200
Dear Charles Dear Janet, edited by Pamela Gordon & Denis Harold   $250
Body English: text & images by Len Lye   $250
The Fruits of, by Murray Edmond / Joanna Forsberg   $650
Fishwork, by Alan Loney / Max Gimblett   $2000  deluxe edition
$700   standard edition
Journey to Portugal, by Michele Leggott  / Gretchen Albrecht   $500 new price $375
Searchings, by Max Gimblett   $1200 new price $900
Engravings on Wood, by Leo Bensemann . 2004   $500 new price $375
Portfolio of ten prints $750
 Four Short Stories 1931-35, by R.A.K. Mason . 2003   $75 new price $60
 Last Poems, by Kendrick Smithyman   $65 new price $50
 A Voice for the Minotaur: Selected Poems, by Maurice Duggan   $100 new price $75
 A Shipboard Diary, by Annie and Harold Beauchamp. 1997   $150    signed copies (on handmade paper)
              new price $115
$80      unsigned copies  new price $60
 The Love Songs of Ibykos: 22 Fragments, translated with an Introduction by Ted Jenner. 1997   $120    mouldmade paper copies
             new price $90
 Tomarata, by Kendrick Smithyman. 1996   $50 new price $30
 Leda's Daughter, by Helen Shaw. 1996   $75 new price $60
 On a Dark Mirror: Four Romance Poems, by Helen Shaw. 1996   $30 new price $20
 The Victory Hymn, by Robin Hyde. 1995   $125 new price $100


All prices are in New Zealand dollars and include GST. The prices listed are retail.
Trade discount available.
Cheques to be made out to The University of Auckland.

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