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Alan Loney / Max Gimblett

On a visit to New York in 2005, Alan Loney saw eight paintings in Max Gimblett's studio (a ninth was already in the possession of John Yau) of a variety of fish in a set of ambiguous relationships with the moon. These so intrigued the poet that he wrote nine poems in response to them. Realising that if a letterpress edition were to be produced of the poems, and that the paintings could not be reproduced by that process, a set of fresh drawings was done by the artist in the response to the poems. The nine drawings are printed in a variety of colours, with each poem printed over the drawing in metallic inks. 

The book is designed and printed by Alan Loney at Carolyn Fraser's Idlewild Press in Melbourne, Australia, on a Vandercook cylinder press on damped BFK Rives and Magnani papers. Types are Dante and Castellar, and paste paper for the deluxe copies is by Claire Maziarczyk in New York. The drawings are reproduced from photopolymer plates made by Boxcar Press in Syracuse, New York, and the binding is executed by Wolfgang Schaefer in Melbourne.  

Alan Loney's recent poetry books include Day's eye, Rubicon Press, Edmonton, Canada 2008, and Nowhere to go & other poems, Five Islands Press, Melbourne 2007. Max Gimblett's work was recently included in The Third Mind: American Artists Contemplate Asia, 1860-1989, at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York.  The Foreword is by by New York poet and critic John Yau, author of a recent book on Jasper Johns. 

The edition is divided into 30 deluxe copies  (15 for sale)  in a yellow cloth spine and gold paste-paper over boards in a red cloth-covered slipcase, and 50 standard copies  (45 for sale) in yellow cloth spine and red cloth over boards. Each deluxe copy includes one original Gimblett drawing bound in. The deluxe edition is $NZ2000. The standard edition is $700.

Orders  should be sent to Dr Peter Simpson, Director, The Holloway Press, c/- English Department, Private Bag 92019, Auckland, New Zealand, or by email to p.simpson@auckland.ac.nz . Cheques should be made out to The University of Auckland.


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